Lumiar: creative education in action

If you’re looking for a creative approach to education, then Lumiar is it. The underlying foundation of our pedagogical methodology is to promote learner autonomy and the holistic development of the child through the exploration of their passions, interests, and strengths—in a stimulating, democratic, and creative learning environment. How amazing is that? Lumiar is an … More Lumiar: creative education in action

Time to apply

As somebody who creates and delivers a lot of training sessions, I’m used to putting together workshops and activities. I have a process which I work through which usually involves providing some background context to the activity, lots of questions to ask participants, and then the key theories or principles that underpin the workshop. Throughout … More Time to apply

Thinking tools

I recently attended an excellent workshop hosted by Creative Huddle about creative leadership. During the workshop the subject of ‘thinking tools’ came up, and I was reminded of the fact of the importance of ‘thinking tools’ to help individuals and groups investigate complex problems.. Of particular interest was the value of asking ‘why’. For example, … More Thinking tools