The Social Media Garden

The rapid growth of social media is creating new and complex challenges for organisations. As classic examples of disruptive innovation, social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter are forcing individuals and organisations to re-examine their methods of working and communication. And they’re not about to disappear overnight. So what are some of the challenges … More The Social Media Garden

What should I do today?

What is important?PeopleRelationshipsHappiness What should I do today?Talk to peopleStrengthen relationships and build new onesEncourage and foster happiness What about me?What do you want? To feel like I’m making a difference. To be amazing! How can you do that? By making sure that my work makes sense and I’m working towards clear goals.What does that … More What should I do today?

Network Thinking and Network Learning – Harold Jarche

In this insightful blog post Harold Jarche explores the difference between network-centric and hierarchy-centric thinking: Adaptability instead of control Emergence instead of predictability Resilience and redundancy instead of rock stardom Contributions before credentials Diversity and divergence In this second post Jarche gives a detailed introduction to the concept of Network Learning (Personal Knowledge Management) and … More Network Thinking and Network Learning – Harold Jarche