Should we be educating our customers?

This post was written in conjunction with Carl Lyon for The QoE To what extent should a business attempt to educate its customers?  Historically, many businesses have taken it upon themselves to try and educate their customers about their products and services. From pensions to paracetamol, most products come with some form of impenetrable instruction … More Should we be educating our customers?

What do your brand advocates look like?

How is a brand advocate different from a satisfied customer? Satisfied = expectations met. Customer is able to understand the company’s offer and easily find a product or service that satisfies their needs. Advocate = expectations exceeded. Customer is unexpectedly surprised by the excellent experience they have had which both satisfies their needs and surpasses … More What do your brand advocates look like?

Leadership 2.0

Leadership 2.0 from Denise Caron While going back over inspiration for previous blog posts I came across this thought provoking presentation about ‘Leadership 2.0’ by Denise Caron. What is Leadership 2.0? The excellent Social Media Garden report by Denovati has some useful soundbites: “Leadership 2.0: embracing change, being open to experimenting, demonstrating transparency, working collaboratively … More Leadership 2.0