How do you build a community of practice?

I’ve just finished teaching this year’s PGCert in Creative Education at UCA. Quite a few of the participants have expressed an interest in continuing to engage with the course culture (which hopefully suggests they had a good experience…). Through my work with the Quality of Experience Company (QoE), we’re also looking to deepen engagement with … More How do you build a community of practice?

Time to apply

As somebody who creates and delivers a lot of training sessions, I’m used to putting together workshops and activities. I have a process which I work through which usually involves providing some background context to the activity, lots of questions to ask participants, and then the key theories or principles that underpin the workshop. Throughout … More Time to apply

Using Turnitin to support academic referencing

What is Turnitin?   Turnitin is a tool that enables staff and students to verify the academic integrity of written work. While some institutions take a punitive approach to using Turnitin, UCA has adopted a more formative position and advocates that is is used as a tool to support student learning. Although use of Turnitin … More Using Turnitin to support academic referencing