Students don’t use email. So why do we keep emailing them?

Students like social media (via Mindshift) Imagine you were born in 1995. You would have been three years old when Google launched in 1998. You would have been five at that millenium party you went to. Nine when Facebook arrived in February 2004. Eleven when Twitter arrived in March 2006. Why would you have set … More Students don’t use email. So why do we keep emailing them?

The Social Media Garden

The rapid growth of social media is creating new and complex challenges for organisations. As classic examples of disruptive innovation, social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter are forcing individuals and organisations to re-examine their methods of working and communication. And they’re not about to disappear overnight. So what are some of the challenges … More The Social Media Garden

Death of the lecture

A recent article in The Chronicle picked up on Harvard’s recent financial splurge on new approaches to teaching. The motivation for the splurge was the growing that the traditional teaching method in Higher Education – the lecture – was failing to achieve its goals of “prodding students to make meaning from what they learn, to … More Death of the lecture