What should I do today?

What is important?PeopleRelationshipsHappiness What should I do today?Talk to peopleStrengthen relationships and build new onesEncourage and foster happiness What about me?What do you want? To feel like I’m making a difference. To be amazing! How can you do that? By making sure that my work makes sense and I’m working towards clear goals.What does that … More What should I do today?

Death of the lecture

A recent article in The Chronicle picked up on Harvard’s recent financial splurge on new approaches to teaching. The motivation for the splurge was the growing that the traditional teaching method in Higher Education – the lecture – was failing to achieve its goals of “prodding students to make meaning from what they learn, to … More Death of the lecture

"Deliberate practice" – another way of "flipping the classroom"?

I came across an article suggesting that “deliberate practice” is a more effective way of teaching students than the traditional lecture. I’ve not heard of deliberate practice so I decided to investigate. According to the article, the deliberate practice method involves the tutor providing students with a multiple-choice question on a given topic. The students … More "Deliberate practice" – another way of "flipping the classroom"?

Are you a technologist, academic developer, facilitator or chameleon?

We’re being restructured. It was never going to be a straightforward experience, but as Homi Bhabha remarks, “the state of emergency is also always a state of emergence” (Bhabha 1994: 41). I must thank my PGC course leader for that. I’m having to justify my role as part of the restructure. Currently I am an … More Are you a technologist, academic developer, facilitator or chameleon?