How do you build a community of practice?

I’ve just finished teaching this year’s PGCert in Creative Education at UCA. Quite a few of the participants have expressed an interest in continuing to engage with the course culture (which hopefully suggests they had a good experience…). Through my work with the Quality of Experience Company (QoE), we’re also looking to deepen engagement with … More How do you build a community of practice?

Lumiar: creative education in action

If you’re looking for a creative approach to education, then Lumiar is it. The underlying foundation of our pedagogical methodology is to promote learner autonomy and the holistic development of the child through the exploration of their passions, interests, and strengths—in a stimulating, democratic, and creative learning environment. How amazing is that? Lumiar is an … More Lumiar: creative education in action

The Social Media Garden

The rapid growth of social media is creating new and complex challenges for organisations. As classic examples of disruptive innovation, social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter are forcing individuals and organisations to re-examine their methods of working and communication. And they’re not about to disappear overnight. So what are some of the challenges … More The Social Media Garden

Collaboration by Difference – avoiding ‘groupthink’

I just came across an interesting post on collaboration by Duke professor Cathy Davidson: Collaboration by Difference – Video – Harvard Business Review In this short video, Prof. Davidson suggests that in a collaborative group it is very often the non-expert or the person who is not in charge who has the most interesting thing … More Collaboration by Difference – avoiding ‘groupthink’