The power of writing reflectively


It’s been quite a busy six months, what with a new job, a new baby, rewriting two courses and finishing a blasted PhD. But I’m starting to come out of the fog, and it’s high time I refocused on my blog. Why? Because I keep telling people about the multiple benefits that writing on a blog can bring to your working and thinking, and so I need to put my money where my mouth is!

Seriously though, in the depths of the PhD there were many times when I would have loved to stop writing academically and just write freely. For me, one big problem with focusing so intently on a piece of academic writing was that it made all writing feel like such a chore, rather than as something that could liberate my thoughts.

I first started this blog as a way to organise my thinking on educational-related topics, and I’m eager to get back into it. Having just read the excellent book Influence by Robert Cialdini, there’s something about making a commitment in public that forces us to be more accountable to our pledge. So here it is: I’m pledging to get back on my blogging horse.

Having recently started a new role as course leader for a PGCert in Creative Education, I also want to practice what I preach to participants on the course about the value of a reflective journal. Although I’m not a hugely visual person, the awesome work of Lucia Capacchione on creative journaling has been an insipration in kicking me back into action.

So forgive me if the next few posts are a bit rusty, it’ll take me a while to find my voice again. But I have an Evernot notebook full of ideas, so hopefully there’ll be some interesting stuff to come.

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