What do your brand advocates look like?

How is a brand advocate different from a satisfied customer?

  • Satisfied = expectations met. Customer is able to understand the company’s offer and easily find a product or service that satisfies their needs.
  • Advocate = expectations exceeded. Customer is unexpectedly surprised by the excellent experience they have had which both satisfies their needs and surpasses their expectations. 

But what does this experience look like? How have we exceeded their expectations? What have we done to turn them from a satisfied customer into an advocate?
Jaguar recently provided a creative example of this. They set up a stand and invited people to experience a ‘virtual reality test drive’ in their F-Type car. But once the headset was on, they were in fact taken for a real high-speed test drive. The result? An experience that greatly exceeded expectations, and some new brand advocates.

If we have a clearer idea of what our brand advocates look like, we can work back from this and aim to create more of the experiences that transform satisfied customers into advocates.
What does exceeding your customers’ expectations look like in your organisation? And how might you leverage this perspective?
Many thanks to Michael Sutton for sharing the link to the Jaguar video.

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