What do students think about technology?

Photo credit: Sookie

It would be hard to find a student who doesn’t use some form of digital device in their learning. But despite the ubiquity of technology in education, how often do we create opportunities for our students to think about how they are actually using these technologies?

I’m preparing a talk for some of our postgraduate Arts students, and am excited by the opportunity to ask them both how they currently use digital technologies and how they expect to use them once they move beyond university. The talk will be based around personal, educational and professional use of technology, and will use the following preliminary readings as a basis for discussion during the session:

Personal use of technology

  • In this age of technology is it realistic to assume that we can ‘switch off’? Think about this while reading: To connect or not to connect

Educational use of technology

Professional use of technology

Please use and adapt these questions for discussion with your own students, and I’d love to hear about the issues that are raised during the session. Also, if you can think of additional questions in these three areas please share them in the comments below.

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