How do you disconnect?

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In recent years, the days leading up to a holiday always cause me to feel slightly anxious about ‘switching off’. Literally and metaphorically. Have I answered all the important emails? How will I survive without a laptop for two weeks? What will happen if I don’t send any tweets?
Although I can imagine that not everyone feels like this, the articles and blog posts that I’ve read suggest that I’m not alone in my fear of disconnecting and I summarised some of these in a recent blog post. But the growing intrusion of electronic devices and communication into every moment of our lives is also causing people to re-evaluate the reality of being ‘always on’ and strive to create more ‘disconnected moments’.

This article by Kitcatt Nohr neatly summarises the importance of switching off and the benefits it can bring to our thinking and understanding of the world around us. But do you disconnect, and if so how does it make you feel?

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