Higher Education in East Asia – students and grads share their views

In doing some research into sustainability I came across the above video from the World Bank, summarising it’s report into Higher Education in South East Asia. The research interviewed students and graduates about their experience of Higher Education, and they provided some thought provoking quotes:

  • “Higher Education can help us get better jobs but not necessarily the jobs we want.”
  • “Experience and capability are more important” than a paper diploma.
  • “Lack of work experience is the biggest obstacle to finding a job. Many companies do not have time to train graduates.”
When asked what changes they would like to see the provided the following responses:
  • More room for students to be entrepreneurs
  • A global teaching system that respects local values
  • “What I learned was completely divorced from reality. Copying the western model is not suitable.”
  • “I hope schools don’t become too utilitarian, teaching just for employment. There should be in-depth knowledge.”
  • “Developing learning methods that help teachers and students think creatively and out of the box”
What about you? What are your thoughts on the above statements? Do these statements confirm or challenge your experience of Higher Education?

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