Truly awesome: Daphne Koller explains Coursera

There has been much discussion in recent months about the impact of MOOCs and online courses on the traditional model of Higher Education. Coursera, an online platform where you can take a range of online courses for free, has caused much hand-wringing about the future of the university in an increasingly online world.

But this TED talk by Coursera founder Daphne Koller should go a long way to calming the fears of all those who truly believe that education can make the world a better place. For anyone working in Higher Education, this short video is well worth 20 minutes of your time:

2 thoughts on “Truly awesome: Daphne Koller explains Coursera

  1. Wow – what a useful resource! I have signed up for 'More than a High Score: Videogames and Learning' which should hopefully come in handy in my role as LSA in CGAA 🙂

  2. Hey Jackie, good to hear from you and my apologies for the belated reply! I'm glad to hear you've signed up for one of the Coursera courses, and I'd be very interested to know what you think.

    Coursera is really putting the fear into universities at the moment as it potentially offers a new approach to Higher Education that universities just aren't prepared for. If you could send me a message about your experience on the course I'd be very interested to read it…


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