The Social Media Garden

The rapid growth of social media is creating new and complex challenges for organisations. As classic examples of disruptive innovation, social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter are forcing individuals and organisations to re-examine their methods of working and communication.

And they’re not about to disappear overnight. So what are some of the challenges that social media presents for organisations? An informative piece of research – called the Social Media Garden – provides a valuable contribution to this debate. Here is a Slideshare of the final report:

The research puts forward some interesting concepts such as ‘Leadership 2.0’, the qualities of which include “embracing change, being open to experimenting, demonstrating transparency, fostering a culture of innovation, open to the voice of the people, stimulating sharing, acknowledgment of expertise, working collaboratively and creating dialogue”. And the researchers go on to suggest that “use of Web 2.0 will only be successful in an organisation if Leadership 2.0 is in place”. I’m inclined to agree.

I particularly like the method of data collection. As the researcher states at the start of the report, it makes sense to conduct a study on social media using a more ‘social’ methodology than the traditional survey. This short video explains how the Social Media Garden, developed by Hybrid Wisdom Labs, works:

And all of the above is testament to the power of the open community – thank you to Tracy Gravesande and Robin Heyden for sharing the above resources!

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